Diamond Marketing started out as Communications Specialist. Armed with a unique set of tools and years of experience in Presentations, Pitch development and Sales; Its owner and CEO-Dean DiNardi, formed Diamond Marketing to put the elements of his experience to a much needed area in business development.

Marketing is above all the key arena to be used to develop, grow and expose (brand) your company. However, so many companies don't put the efforts toward marketing. And in the illusion that sales is number one, how can you sell something you don't know how to market?

At Diamond Marketing we train sales personnel, develop website and social medial language and image to represent the companies true product and service value. Value is the thing behind the company, product or service. This is what's important. By extracting the value we can better align with customers and in most cased tap into an unnoticed well of interest.

Specialized in International Development we have a talent for understanding different cultural values and interests. Which helps us to better represent and place a brand.

Below you'll find a copy of DiNardi's book on presentation and pitch skill development. In here Dean illustrates the value of value identity and communication. At Diamond Marketing we apply this principle to all aspects of our marketing abilities to help you grow and gain exposure.

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